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Yoga in Your Own Home

Individual and personal classes in the comfort of your own home
beginning and intermediate levels
Classes adapted to your level and focused on your Body/mind needs and aspirations.

I will come to your home and help find the best practice for you or help you refine your current practice. I look forward to bringing a sense of joy, presence and inner stillness as we work together to merge breath, poses and movement.

If you have any degree of limitation, having with my own, I do I understand body limitations in others. I consider them as an opportunity to develop a deeper awareness and more kindness to oneself. With acceptance and compassion we will find ways to modify and adjust to your needs to make your practice a refuge for your spirit.

~All you need is a small clear space in your home and a yoga mat. I will bring any other necessary props (blocks, ties, blankets) or we can use what you have on hand.

~Fee: Single class by appointment only $50 to $80 sliding scale. The fee will vary if depending on the number of classes you chose to take in a month and the driving distance. I am happy to discuss an affordable fee with you.

Noelle has been giving me private lessons for several years. Even though I am an elder, her guidance and nurturing have enabled me to reclaim much of the strength and flexibility I had before my journey with cancer. When Noelle enters my home, she brings sacred space with her. With patience and compassion, she fills my home with possibility, peace and joy. After our sessions, the sacred vibration lingers in my body and home like the healing aroma of incense. Diane Goff

call (540) 808 5196 or email for an appointment.

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