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No mat is needed for Svaroopa yoga. Straps and bolsters available.

Wear comfortable clothes for freedom of movement. Practicing yoga on an empty stomach is highly recommended.

By opening up your body, you clear the density from your heart and mind, so that you may have what yoga promises.
Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati
Creator of Svaroopa®Yoga and founder of Master Yoga Foundation

It All Begins At The Tailbone

Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa means "the bliss of your own being"

Gentle yet powerful and compassionate, Svaroopa® Yoga teaches the traditional and familiar yoga poses (asanas) in a different way. It is a therapeutic style of yoga that opens the deeper layers of tension in the body, especially in the chronic tight muscles wrapped along the spine, the core muscles. With the support of carefully placed props, we begin to release the muscles around the tailbone and carry the changes all the way up the spine; with precise alignments and hands-on adjustments, the poses are held longer to allow for the deep spinal openings to be incremental, lasting and totally reliable ....
....Support equal release
WWith the release of the core muscles comes a deep sense of peace and belonging, more health and vitality, more stamina, fewer aches and pains , better sleep and digestion and more....

Svaroopa and Noelle Dijoud's graceful, detailed teaching is the single best body practice I have ever done, helping me focus on breath in ways I was never able to do in other meditational settings. It has opened my spine and decreased or eliminated almost all the pain and discomfort I have from past injuries and just aging related stiffness; and I believe it has also brought my blood pressure down to a healthy low level. But more than that, the experience of being in a class with a wise teacher and an atmosphere of calm focus, is beautiful. Thank you so much. Ann Kilkelly, Dancer and Professor of Theatre and Women's Studies

Svaroopa® Yoga schedule and fees

Tuesday 3:45-515pmintermediate
Friday 9:00-10:30ambeginning
Saturday 11am-12:30pm multi level

6 classes in 6 weeks for $80 students $40
10 classes in 6 weeks for $100 students $50
12 classes in 6 weeks for $115 students $55
18 classes in 6 weeks for $150 students $75
drop in $18 students $10

private intro class or work with clarifying, improving poses - $65
2 people private class$40 per person

On the average, I am bent over a computer more than 6 hours a day. The result has been neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Taking Noelle‚€™s class has helped me tone, stretch, strengthen, and detox my body. I also feel like I have a ‚€˜clearer mind‚€™ - any stress I encounter during the day seems more manageable. I wish I could attend class everyday! Wanda Smith

Svaroopa Yoga with Noelle
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